Our premium services

A comprehensive package of premium services ensures the use of our self storage and co-working facilities is as convenient and comfortable as possible for you as customer, in fact we focus on your needs and requirements as early as the planning and design stage. The result is a broad palette of additional free-of-charge services which is unparalleled in the national and international market. We have summarised the most important services below, so you can see what makes Space Plus so unique.

24/7 rent & store

Our wide-ranging online service makes it possible for you not only to reserve your ideal storage unit round-the-clock 7 days a week but you can also pay in advance and receive your personal access code for your storage facility immediately via our app.

This makes you completely independent of our office hours and offers maximum flexibility, thanks to the convenience of our extended opening hours.

Digital key

You will receive your digital key for your storage unit immediately after booking via our app. You can open and shut your unit effortlessly using your smartphone. You no longer need to buy locks and keys, and in the meantime you are also doing your bit for the environment. We expect this system to save many thousands of locks and keys annually, thus saving valuable resources.

Naturally we have high-security systems in place to protect against misuse, with “Made in Germany” multi-award-winning technology.

Security cameras

We want you to feel safe in our facilities, whether you use your unit by day or whether you visit us late at night. For this reason we have fitted all our properties with high-resolution security cameras offering all-round coverage and made sure there are no blind spots.

No detail escapes our “electronic eyes” and they contribute significantly to your protection and the security of your possessions.

High-speed Wi-Fi

What if you need to look something up quickly on the internet, check your personal e-mails or focus on your work in the co-working/Flex Office space?

No problem, our properties are fitted with super-fast broadband leaving nothing to be desired in terms of net access.

Coffee & snacks

Combine your visit to us with a short coffee break. Our coffee bar is there to provide free hot drinks, and if you’re hungry a quick snack. That’s because we want you to feel comfortable here!

Business Lounge

Would you like to take a quick break or work in a pleasant environment? Both are possible at Space Plus, which is why our Mega Stores are equipped with spacious business lounges.

Leisure zone

Are you a co-worker or have you rented your own individual office space in one of our facilities? Our integrated leisure zones offer the ideal ambiance for a brief chill-out on the go.

Warm, safe & clean

Obsolete, cold and run-down former industrial buildings? Not at Space Plus! Our properties have all been extensively refurbished prior to opening, including an overhaul of the heating plant if required and conversion to sustainable fuels. We also make sure the facilities are regularly cleaned by professional cleaning staff.

Local customer advisor

You’re not entirely sure how much storage space you need for your individual requirements? Or you need more or less space than your current unit offers? Our local customer advisors are there to answer these and other questions relating to our services.

For this reason, our Mega Stores offer extended office opening hours until late evening, and our City Stores offer the possibility to arrange an appointment for a personal discussion.

Loading and unloading inside the building

In order to make your visit to us as independent of the weather as possible, we have planned our facilities so that you can do all your loading and unloading within the building - for your own safety and for the protection of your possessions.

Well-lit throughout

In order to keep you safe and secure, we believe that all-round lighting is an essential component, in addition to the security cameras and adequately heated, clean and well-maintained properties. For this reason, we have placed great emphasis on the installation of a comprehensive lighting system in all our properties. And to make sure we keep our facilities environmentally-friendly, we have used only the latest LED light sources.


Benefit from our free-of-charge parcel acceptance and enjoy the resulting plus in time flexibility. We accept your parcels and inform you in the way you prefer, by eMail or by phone.

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